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Q01. How about the security while transferring data ?

A01. Silver Bullet support AES as basic security for data transfer. AES is used with major DRMs and SSL protocol to keep data secure.

Q02. Doesn't it saturate network easily ?

A02. With built-in bandwidth control feature with smart packet control, Silver Bullet does not saturate network, nor affect other network communications.

Q03. What kind of CPU is suitabe for Silver Bullet ?

A03. We suggest Xeon 2.4GHz processor for server and, for client applications, the minimum requiremenet are 3.00Ghz of Pentium4.

Q04. More memory makes faster transfer ?

A04. No. Size of memory does no affect the speed of transfer.
We suggest 2GB for server and 1GB for clienet application.

Q05. Can we use Silver Bullet on cloud environments ?

A05. Yes. You can install Silver Bullet on you cloud environments easily. We have customers using Silver Bullet on Amazon EC2/NiftyCloud/IIJ GIO/ and other cloud environments.

Q06. Can we use cloud storage ?

A06. Yes, you can.
Currently we support Amazon S3 nad NiftyCloudStrage. More woule be coming soon.

Q07. Supported OS ?

A07. We support following OS.
Server : Linux(RedHadEL5 or later/CentOS5 or later)、MacOSX(10.5Leopard or later)、
Windows(Server 2003 or later)
Client : MacOSX(10.5 Leopard or later)、Windows(XP or later)

Q08. Does Silver Bullet speeds up internal LAN as well ?

A08. Silver Bullet are designed to be and work well with network environment with latencies and packet losses. Therefore, for those environments such as internal LAN, which does not have latencies and packet losse will not have benefit from using Silver Bullet.

Q09. Can we use on VPN ?

A09. Yes, you can. If VPN s SSL VPN, the benefit will be less.

Q10. Does it compress data while transferring ?

A10. No we do not compress any data while devlivery.

Q11. Any cache feature for same files / same packets ?

A11. We do not have cache features.

Q12. Can we use it on mobile tetherling netowork environments ?

A12. 3G,LTE(or 4G) connection on mobile devices, as nature, have a lots of latencies and packet losses. Silver Bullet mey provider better downnload and upload speed for those network environments and users.